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Angry customer going to sue

The Customer Who’s Going To Sue


Why would a customer want to sue a nice person like you?

How has this happened? Some blame overzealous people in the legal profession. Others blame a growing culture of selfishness and a pervasive entitlement attitude. Whichever the cause, the fact remains that there are more and more customers out there prepared to sue us when things go wrong. What can we do to protect ourselves?

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When You Talk,
Are People Listening?

Voice Mastery for Telephone & Business

Do you sometimes feel as though people don’t take you seriously? That they don’t really listen to what you are saying even when it’s important?

Get the tools for enhancing:

  • your credibility
  • your persuasiveness, and
  • listener engagement

Voice Mastery is critical if you are:

  • in customer service
  • in sales
  • a manager
  • working from home

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