Get things done
Achievement & Success

Getting Things Done


The ability to break through the talking and actually get things done is the hallmark of all highly successful people.

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Are you a talker or a listener?
Winning with People

A Great Experiment in Listening


One of the reasons that this experiment works so quickly and the results are so dramatic is that good listeners are in incredibly short supply. The reality is that most people prefer talking – and most of us aren’t nearly as good at listening as we think we are.

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Develop an outward focus
Workplace Tips

Do You Have an Outward Focus


An outward focus, defined simply, is placing the needs of other people at a higher priority than our own. The classic example is the story of Sir Walter Raleigh

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Phone beats email every time
Workplace Tips

Pick Up The Phone!


Want to be more effective and efficient in your communications and your work relationships? Try picking up the phone. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

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how to create customer loyalty
Winning with Customers

How to Create Customer Loyalty


“How do  you create customer loyalty?”  It’s a question I’m frequently asked.  It’s a great question, the answer to which is most often ignored when organizations are developing their business strategy.

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Achievement & Success

Attitude Check


It’s a valuable exercise to occasionally turn our focus a little more inward. The truth is, many of the challenges we have with other people can have origins right in our own little brains.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself from time to time:

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employees who stir the pot
Winning with Employees

Don’t Ignore The Pot-Stirring Employee


The Pot-Stirrer loves an injustice. He (she) lives to find real or imagined issues within the company, or even with you. He constantly questions decisions, and, like a dog with a bone, won’t let go of something once he’s got his teeth in it. To make matters worse, he just doesn’t seem to be happy until everyone at work is talking about it. The Pot Stirrer is almost always in the middle of workplace morale challenges.

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How do you earn customer loyalty
Workplace Tips

Is Your Company Really Loyal to Customers? Really?


In today’s ultra-transparent world, there is no way in Hell you can expect loyalty from your customers, if you aren’t genuinely loyal to them.  And just like the loyalty you have for your friends, it means you have to have their backs, and make sure that you’re always there for them.

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When You Talk,
Are People Listening?

Voice Mastery for Telephone & Business

Do you sometimes feel as though people don’t take you seriously? That they don’t really listen to what you are saying even when it’s important?

Get the tools for enhancing:

  • your credibility
  • your persuasiveness, and
  • listener engagement

Voice Mastery is critical if you are:

  • in customer service
  • in sales
  • a manager
  • working from home

Register today to begin leveraging the science of Voice Mastery.