condescending coworker
Winning with Coworkers

How to Deal With A Condescending Internal Customer


Most of us have ‘internal customers’ – people in our own company who rely on us to provide them with some level of service or support.  Unfortunately, just as there are difficult external customers, there are also difficult internal customers.

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How to deal with negative coworkers
Winning with Coworkers

How to Deal with Negative Coworkers


It’s a beautiful day, you like your job, you’ve got a good boss, and the universe is unfolding as it should. The next thing you know, that negative coworker of yours walks in with that black cloud over their head, and sucks the life right out of you. They are the poster children for bad attitude.

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working with the bosses child
Winning with Coworkers

Working With The Boss’s Child


Let’s start with the bad news: The old saw is true – blood is thicker than water. Particularly when it comes to sons and daughters, bosses will seemingly forgive, overlook, and rationalize just about everything.

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