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Three Rules for Becoming the Best at What You Do


becoming the best at what you do

One of the most enjoyable aspects of what I do for a living has been the opportunity to meet and work with a great many people who are at the pinnacle of their professions. What has helped them become the best?  Here are three attributes I’ve discovered that they all have in common:

1.  Learning & Practicing

If you took Latin in school, you’ll likely remember your teacher driving home the message – Repetitio est mater studiorum – “Repetition is the Mother of Study.” The people who rise to the top of their occupations never stop learning.  They practice their skills until they’ve mastered them,  then keep practicing so they don’t fall into bad habits.

2.  Passion

Whether they are professional athletes, CEOs or street sweepers, people who excel at what they do love their jobs, and are proud of what they do.  Their attitude is simple: if you don’t love your job, or aren’t proud of what you do, then why would you do it?

3.  Role Models

Ask anyone who has achieved tremendous success in their lives, and they will tell you of their role models and mentors.


The best way to excel at what you do is to find someone who has achieved what you aspire to.   Watch them, learn from them.    If you have the opportunity, talk to them.  Success is remarkably reproducible.

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