How to deal with time vampires
Winning with Coworkers

Time Vampires: Coworkers and Customers


We’ve all encountered time vampires. These are the people who seem intent on taking up as much of your time as possible – oblivious to your subtle hints about how busy you are. Here are two of the most common types in business – and what you can do about them:

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When You Talk,
Are People Listening?

Voice Mastery for Telephone & Business

Do you sometimes feel as though people don’t take you seriously? That they don’t really listen to what you are saying even when it’s important?

Get the tools for enhancing:

  • your credibility
  • your persuasiveness, and
  • listener engagement

Voice Mastery is critical if you are:

  • in customer service
  • in sales
  • a manager
  • working from home

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