Achievement & Success

Your 100-Day Plan


One of the most effective ways to create positive momentum in virtually every aspect of your life is by creating then achieving highly focused short-term goals. Just as successful businesses do, you need to make a 100 day plan. Here’s how you do it

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Achievement & Success

Ownership: The Magic Ingredient To Success


The willingness to take ownership is one of the primary reasons that some people get promoted faster than others, get hired when others don’t and earn greater respect in organizations and in life. Successful people care more about the outcomes of their work than just completing the tasks at hand.

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Achievement & Success

The Four Ingredients to Success at Work – Part 2


Some people will tell you that successful people “just had it easier.” That, of course, is nonsense. Successful people made it easier by having a positive attitude, having a strong support network and being willing to take swift, decisive action when called for.

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Achievement & Success

Have a Great Boss? Support Him!


We sometimes forget that our bosses are people too, and that they need our support as much as we need theirs. It’s all part of the dynamics of a positive workplace. Want to do your part? Here are 8 things you can try:

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When You Talk,
Are People Listening?

Voice Mastery for Telephone & Business

Do you sometimes feel as though people don’t take you seriously? That they don’t really listen to what you are saying even when it’s important?

Get the tools for enhancing:

  • your credibility
  • your persuasiveness, and
  • listener engagement

Voice Mastery is critical if you are:

  • in customer service
  • in sales
  • a manager
  • working from home

Register today to begin leveraging the science of Voice Mastery.