Achievement & Success #9: Getting Things Done


We should really…

What somebody has to do is…

The best idea would be to…

What if we….

Any of these sound familiar? Sure they do. People love to talk about things that should be done. If only we were as good at actually doing those things.

The ability to break through the talking and actually get things done is the hallmark of all highly successful people. They know that talk isn’t really cheap, as the old adage suggests – it’s actually quite the opposite. Talking about things without taking action can cost a fortune in people’s time.

Here are a few tips for making sure that things get done at work:

1. Remove chairs from meeting rooms

The next time you have a meeting, hide all the chairs. You’ll be amazed at how much faster a meeting will go when people have to stay standing.

2. Just start doing it

Don’t tell people what you’re doing, just start doing it. When they ask what you’re doing, then tell them (and ask if they want to help).

3. Break things down

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When activity starts to bog down, break things down into smaller components and work your way through them one at a time.

4. Put a deadline to it

Set a deadline for everything. Deadlines are motivating.

5. Listen to others

Listen to how often people around you talk about the things they shoulda, coulda or woulda done. Ask them why they haven’t done these things yet and then listen to the weak excuses. Sometimes focusing on the behavior of others can help us better see and correct things in ourselves.

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