Every company, every department, every job function has its own way of doing things. In many ways, they’re like living entities with their own unique personalities.

Whether you are an employee working within the environment, or an outsider who is interacting with the environment, the better you understand the culture, the greater success you will have.

Before making decisions or taking action, make sure you understand the existing protocols around you. This is particularly important when you are from the outside – from a different company or department. Take the time to listen, watch, ask questions. Is there someone else that should be kept in the loop? Are there existing processes or procedures in place? Is there any prerequired action I should take? Do I have all the information? A little time spent learning can prevent unfortunate and potentially embarrassing blunders.

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Internal Customer Service Training

Internal customer service training


  • Employee engagement, enjoyment and retention
  • Collaboration, team alignment, workflow and efficiency


  • Communication errors
  • Workplace stress
  • Workplace conflict
  • Employee turnover


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