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4 Things Your Employees Want – Part 2


Last week we discussed Direction and Appreciation – two of the four things that our employees want from us. Things that fuel productivity, employee retention and overall positive workplaces. The next two are Respect and Tools.


Respect is a big concept and plays a gigantic role in an employee’s overall performance. When people feel respected in the workplace, they gain confidence and feel a stronger bond with their company and its leaders. It also plays a big role in creating a positive workplace culture. The manner in which you treat your employees sets the bar for all the interactions your team has. Treating your employees with respect means being mindful of who they are as people. It means not losing sight of the importance of their role in your team.

As a leader, you have to make a conscious effort to communicate to each employee how much you respect him or her. Don’t assume that they just somehow magically know. You don’t have be formal about it. Even simple comments like, “You are the single most organized person I know!” go a long way.


One thing we all have in common is that we want to be successful in the things we do. And, as a leader, helping our employees succeed is at the very core of what we should be focusing on. We need to make sure that they have both the physical and intellectual tools to do their jobs well. All too often I see people thrust into a role or project without the means to effectively accomplish the goal.

Do my people have access to the right resources? Is the team adequately staffed? Do I provide them with the training they need, or do I just hope they’ll “figure it out?” These are important questions we should all ask ourselves.

“D.A.R.T.” represents the four elements that every employee ultimately wants from their employers. When you look at highly productive environments, with happy, engaged employees, you will inevitably see these elements in abundance. Focus on these four things, and good things will happen!

“The success of your team and everyone in it is your legacy”

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