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3 Rules For Building Better Persoal and Professional Relationships

Looking to build better personal and professional relationships? Here are three things we should always be working on.

1. Shut up and listen

A number of years ago, while coaching a young man who was struggling with his customer service skills, I wrote “Shut up and Listen” on a card, and encouraged him to refer to it immediately prior to interacting with each customer. Three years and two promotions later, he credits this as the best advice he has ever received. “I even use it when I go out on dates,” he once told me with a grin.

Learning how to shut up and listen is perhaps the most valuable skill we can develop for customer service, selling, management, leadership – and life.

2. Be a rock

Be reliable. Be on time for engagements. Follow through on those things to which you commit. Deliver what you promise. Stand by your friends. Be consistent and loyal. We all like to be around people we can count on.

3. Lighten up

Don’t take things – particularly yourself – too seriously. Look on the lighter side of life. Learn the art of being genuinely humble. Embrace your own foibles and frailties and learn to laugh at the things that happen around you. Lose the anger.

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