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The Office Party


Does your company have an annual Christmas party? Birthday parties? Anniversary parties? Employee recognition days? These events, when planned and executed properly can be extremely useful for teambuilding and networking. They can also be a lot of fun, if you go into them with a good attitude. But although they are relatively informal events with the opportunity to interact with people in a more relaxed manner, there are some important unstated protocols you should follow. Here are six:

1. If alcohol is served, never have more than two drinks.

No exceptions. This is a very, very bad time to get tipsy.

2. Mingle.

This is a great chance to talk with people you may not interact with a lot on the job. The more people you know in the organization, at all levels, the more enjoyable work can become.

3. Don’t sell.

This is not a good time to try and sell yourself or your new idea to the boss. He (she) has other things on his mind, and may just get annoyed. You’re better to just make a good impression, so that he is more receptive to you and the idea during working hours.

4. Don’t gossip.

5. Thank the organizers.

The person or people who pulled this together worked very hard. Make a point to thank them. Thank the boss as well.

6. Dress appropriately.

Over-dressing is always better than under-dressing. Unless you’re at a beach, avoid shorts, collarless t-shirts and low-cut tops.

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