The Boss Who Is Out of Touch


A number of people have written in asking about how to deal with bosses who appear out of touch with today’s business world. The issues range from technologically obsolete businesses – without computers, email or even voice mail, to bosses who resist adopting new and better business practices. It’s frustrating when you try to move forward with your boss holding you back.

Why do they do this? Why is it that some bosses seem so resistant to change?

To be fair, chances are it’s not because they’re stupid. Very often they are people who have tried many different approaches over their career, finally found something that works, and just want to stick with the tried and true. They understand that there are different ways to do things, but see the risk and effort in making a change as outweighing the benefits of staying the course. They have a lot of things on their plate as it is, and simply don’t have time or energy to embark on a new learning curve.

If you would really like to see a change in a business practice, demonstrate clearly to your boss how the risk will be managed, then offer to take on the project yourself. Don’t just talk about how something needs to be done – provide a road map and offer to drive. Yes, it does put more work on your plate, but once you’ve been successful, the next new idea you try to introduce won’t be as difficult to sell!

It’s worth a try. You may be pleasantly surprised at how positively your boss will respond.

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