“I’m a &*%!$,” I once heard a boss say, “but I’m a &*%!$ who gets things done!”


Extremely Arrogant bosses are the ones who go way beyond simple overconfidence.  They are genuinely convinced that they’re surrounded by mouth-breathing morons who aren’t worthy of their notice, much less their respect.  Extremely Arrogant bosses are people with some degree of power and aren’t afraid to abuse it. They thrive on putting other people down. The only team they are truly effective on is a team of one.

Run Away

The best advice for dealing with Extremely Arrogant bosses is to run away – fast and far.  You can’t change them, and ultimately they will drain you of your own confidence and happiness.  Life is too short.

Feed Him

If, however, running away isn’t viable, then try having a little fun at their expense.  EA Bosses, while blustery and obnoxious, are often just compensating for tremendous insecurity.  Try feeding him (her) a few compliments, and watch him puff up like a peacock.  Say enough nice things about him and the things he does, and he will begin to think that you are Very Clever indeed.  It can be quite an entertaining process.

Good luck!

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