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The Employee Who is Always Looking for More


There are some people who never seem to be satisfied with what they have.

The Looking from More employee is the one who’s hand is always out – looking for a raise, looking for special treatment, looking for a better office, better working hours, etc. They don’t actually want to do any more work for these things, of course, they just want more for the work they’re already doing. The worst part is that, when they get it, they just move on to the next thing.

Take a Cue From Pavlov

Unfortunately, there is very little that you can do to change these individuals. They have spent a lifetime assessing their own self-worth based on what they have in comparison to those around them. But while you can’t change them, you can manage their behavior to make them a little more tolerable and effective at work. Take a page from Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, and see if you can’t create a conditioned reflex.

The technique is simple: whenever the Looking for More employee asks for something extra, give him some negative reinforcement – a cool look, a blunt “no,” etc. When he does something well, however, or goes the extra mile to get a job done, give him an unexpected reward – some time off, a new office, a raise, etc. Over time, he will get the message that the best way to get the things he wants is by working for them.

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