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call centre womanA recent article in the Customer Service Around The World Blog makes a strong case about how customer service starts at the top. The message was that, without visible, proactive support and direction at the most senior levels, training and other customer service initiatives are doomed to mediocre results.

It’s true, of course, but it only tells half of the story. The other half is about you.

The reality is that our decisions regarding our personal behaviour and attitudes towards our customers are ours and ours alone. Yes, it can sometimes be convenient to blame the “higher-ups” for a lack of support, but when it comes to the way we treat our own customers – internal and external –  it is an excuse that just doesn’t fly.

The ‘Everyone Else But Me’ Trap

One of the most common traps we can fall into is the inability to admit to ourselves that we have anything significant to improve when it comes to customer service. Oh, sure, we can point out the customer service flaws with everyone around us, but we can become quite defensive should someone suggest that maybe it’s us who needs to change.

Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself: What conscious, significant changes have I made in the last year to bring my customer service to another level? Am I just doing things pretty much the same way I always have (because I’m really quite good, you know), or am I always looking for ways to get better?

If you’re honest with yourself, the answers might startle you.

Whether or not your company is truly committed to delivering exceptional customer experience is the CEO’s decision. Whether or not you are committed to delivering world-class customer service is all yours.

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