Most people approach work in pretty much the same way: we go to work, we do our job, and then we go home. It can be a bit of a rut, and if you’re looking to be more successful in the workplace, or perhaps move a step or two up the corporate ladder, it’s one you want to climb out of. The most successful people you will ever meet have both a strong focus and great passion. Because of this, they stand out. They don’t just do their job; they try to make a difference.

One of the best ways to stand out in the workplace is to find something you can be passionate about – something to champion. Find some element of your work environment that is important and take ownership of it. It doesn’t matter if you choose to champion customer service, quality, continuous improvement or workplace safety, etc. Whatever it is, you want people to instantly associate that quality with you.

Once you have something to champion, make it your mission to become an absolute subject matter expert. Read books, take courses – whatever you can to become the best resource possible. Get excited about the topic when people bring it up. Try and make a difference. As long as it is a subject that also resonates with the people around you, your passion and expertise will earn you both respect and opportunity.

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Internal customer service training


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  • Communication errors
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  • Employee turnover


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