5 Signs of a Good Team Player

Workplace conflict of any kind can be reduced significantly when individuals within a team make a conscious effort to improve their teamwork. But what makes a good team player?

When we’re doing our internal customer service / teambuilding programs, we get to see a wide range of how well individuals interact within teams. Here are 5 traits we’ve learned that are common in people who coworkers characterize as great team players:

1. Focused on the Goal
He (she) never loses sight of the team’s goal. He knows what is expected of him, and others can count on him.

2. Aware of Others
He is aware and empathetic of the needs of the others on the team. He appreciates their contributions, and understands the interdependency of all team members.

3. Puts the Team First
His decisions are made based on what is best for the team – even when it means personal sacrifices.

4. Competent
He is good at what he does.

5. Positive
He is always positive and upbeat – even in the most stressful of times.

Pretty simple stuff, but how well do you fit the criteria?



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