3 More Critical Etiquette Tips


Many of the difficulties we encounter in the workplace are quite avoidable – particularly those challenges that we inadvertently create for ourselves. An appreciation of fundamental etiquette can go a long way to eliminating a lot of stress. We introduced three etiquette tips – graciously supplied by the experts at Image International – in Chapter thirty-three. Here are three more tips to store in your Winning at Work toolkit:

1. Don’t use profanity

The use of profanity in the workplace has increased dramatically over the last decade, with some individuals considering it positively de rigueur. They think it makes a statement about the kind of person they are. They are most certainly right in that regard.

2. Go easy on the scents

While some organizations have arguably gone a little overboard by insisting on ‘scent-free’ environments, the truth is that some people go way overboard with their assault on our olfactory system. The idea behind perfume and cologne is for people to get an occasional, subtle scent. They aren’t air fresheners.

3. For a good time – ask

If you’re walking into someone’s office to have a conversation, or if you’ve called someone on the telephone, it’s always a good idea to ask if “now is a good time.” If the other people are in the middle of something, they may not appreciate your interruption.

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