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3 Ways to Prevent Coworker From Hell Experiences

How to deal with a coworker from Hell

There are many different kinds of coworkers from hell.  Some will use you, some will abuse you and some just annoy you.  The annoying ones – those coworkers with quirks and habits that don’t directly affect you but still drive you crazy – we’ll leave for another time.

In this issue, we’ll talk about three things you can do to protect yourself from coworkers whose negative behavior can seriously impact your work and your career.

3 Ways To Defend Against a Coworker From Hell

Use BCTs

It’s important to make it a habit to use some fundamental Butt Covering Techniques (BCTs).  The most important BCT is to always ensure you have a “paper trail.” This trail, which can be either physical or electronic (email), allows you to go back to actions taken and decisions made. Clarify things in writing and confirm things in writing. This ensures that you won’t be left hanging in the wind should someone else’s poor decisions backfire.

Build Your Network

The better the rapport you have with the people in your office, and the better a networker you are, the larger the safety net you have. With this network in place, if a coworker does something that could potentially hurt you, you are more likely to land on your feet.

One important note, however: Never use that network to hurt a coworker – that would make you the Coworker from Hell!

Be A Rock

Don’t play favorites. Don’t compromise your values. Don’t choose the easy thing over the right thing.  Be dependable and consistent.

When people can trust you and rely on you, they are less likely to try and play games with you.

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