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Customer from Hell #12: Never Happy


You’ve done all you can. You’ve bent over backwards to try and satisfy this customer – but to no avail. She seems to find something wrong with everything you and your company do.

This customer can be particularly frustrating. And it’s hard to stay motivated and positive when there’s no apparent appreciation for your efforts. When you encounter an individual like this, it can be tempting to respond to her negative behavior with a little negative behavior of your own – being cool, unresponsive, abrupt or even sarcastic. Needless to say, those responses can be quite unproductive, and can very often make matters worse for everyone.

Rather than respond negatively, here are two other approaches you can try:

1. Pour on the charm.
One of two things will happen – either you’ll win her over and convince her that you actually do care; or you’ll fail to win her over, but still have the satisfaction of knowing you took the high road.

2. Talk to her.
Tell her that her satisfaction is very important to you, and that you’re concerned that she’s not happy. Ask her directly what you can do to make sure she has the best experience possible. You may find the ensuring conversation helps you build that positive bond you were looking for.

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