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Three ways to reduce Employee from Hell experiences


I‘ve had the privilege of meeting a great number of people who are considered by their employees as world-class supervisors, managers and leaders. Not coincidently, these individuals seem to have far fewer experiences with “Employees from Hell” than most. What are they doing differently? There are a number of things, but here are three big ones:

1. An understanding of who works for whom

Hugh Burgess once said to his employees, “You don’t work for me – I work for you. You’re job is to get the job done, and my job is to make sure that you have the tools, skills and motivation to do it.” By treating his employees with appropriate respect and dignity, Hugh doesn’t have a lot of employee challenges.

2. Strong communication skills

Great managers have great communication skills. They consistently communicate the right information with the right tone to the right people. They also use a number of effective strategies to ensure that their employees consistently and fully communicate with them. One of the most common causes of Employee from Hell behavior stems from miscommunication and poor communication.

3. Positive attitude

Employee attitudes are greatly colored by the attitude of their boss. Bosses who work to create a positive environment, and who can deal with stresses and issues in a positive manner have a far more relaxed and responsive team.

Common sense? Perhaps. But unfortunately not common practice.


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