Achievement & Success: Accept a Compliment Graciously


A lot of people seem to struggle when given a simple compliment. Some take the cocky, arrogant approach, i.e.:

Cindy: “You did a great job on that, Stan.”

Stan: “Yeah, I know. I really am great, aren’t I?”

Some use the false modesty strategy, i.e.:

Cindy: “You did a really nice job on that, Stan.”

Stan: “Aw, I really didn’t do much at all…”

Neither response is productive, nor does neither help to strengthen the bond between you and the other person. There is really only one appropriate way to accept a compliment, and that is with a genuine, sincere and simple “thank you.” The next time someone give you a compliment, try this:

Cindy: “You did a really great job on that, Stan.”

Stan: “Thank you Cindy, that means a lot to me.”

Short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what the complimenter wants to hear. Resist the temptation to expand or go into detail of your accomplishment. Just smile, say thank you, and move on. People will see you as both confident and gracious.

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